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Jairus was created in 2017. While listening to hundreds of ambient tracks, I discovered a world that opened up for me. How music could be an atmospheric landscape of color, hue, rhythm and experience. I soon discovered that a new dimension could open up for my creative work through this medium. And this could also strengthen, expand or deepen my works in certain aspects.


With Jairus I take the listener on a mysterious, playful, dramatic, dreamy and at the same time enlightening quest. I would describe my music as exotic, melodic electronic ambient / with shades of pop and light (deep) house. Colorful tones in the highs and lows, balance of drama and lighting.

My audio experience over the years I have gained by playing with Fruity Loops (FL studio) on ipad and computer, drumming, listening to a lot of music and being touched by movies and games. In my younger years I played a lot with the program Mixman (rip). The tracks are composed by collaborating with a USB MPK-mini keyboard and a whole bunch of synthesizers and plugins. Occasionally, sounds are also recorded live and incorporated into the tracks, as are some effects and vocals.


Currently I am working on publishing the music on spotify and apple music, and eventually want to publish 7 to 12 songs under the album name 'Unintended Journeys'

This name encompasses the entire search within the emotional, spiritual and artistic of recent years: The title thus stands for the fact that as a person you have little grip on the course of your life and how so many bizarre, special and painful moments can occur where you try to find a way with your utmost, limited ability and full presence.



In the end, the music is allowed to take its course with the listener, I hope that you can be taken into an atmospheric experience and that it may touch you.

Listen to my soundcloud playlist below

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