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Rubens works embrace the silent threat of the hopeful and lonely wait and desire of man. In search of the transcendent, Ruben symbolically connects the aspects of human emotional life with the physical representation of architectural and natural elements, objects and constructions. His works serve in a certain sense as living entities that, just like humans, are present in their physical form and also reveal a mental reality.

With his spatial work (installations, sculptures and experiential spaces), interdisciplinary means are sought for a balance between the heaviness of this theme in the form of the object. And the airy, intuitive interaction with the (inner) space and its experience. By the presence of the spatial object, the visitor is confronted with the reality and at the same time challenged to become acquainted with a deeper experience through interaction. With his works, he wants to bring about an 'internalization' by the viewer.

In his flat works (drawings and paintings) there is a thin line with reality and the abstract, which embraces this internalization. The viewer is taken into a serene, alienated and almost threatening presentation. In a sense an experience of the sublime. With their composition and color shown, the representations depicted turn into the for or background and seem to look within the framework of the flat surface itself where their concrete form start or stop. The duality of beauty and fear, presence and absence, loneliness and desire confront, question and comfort the viewer.


Ruben Bruggeling was born in Oldenzaal on September 22, 1993 and graduated in 2016 from the ArtEZ art academy in Zwolle, where he obtained his Bachalor of Arts degree (BA), specializing in 'Illustration design'.  



Project Geheimenissen (Secrets) [  2019 till now ]

Geheimenissen is an art installation in the form of two abstract wings. The space has an advanced audio system in which meaningful life stories ('Secrets') in combination with music and sounds can be stored and played back as a dynamic composition. The visitor can evoke the sounds and stories through interaction with the inner walls. The installation is being developed interdisciplinary in collaboration with Mariska van Beusichem, Paul van der Ham, Marieke Herweijer / Spatiebalk and metal artist Sjaak Klein Heerenbrink. We work together with a team of students who retrieve the stories via a tool developed by spacebar.

Schuurmachine (Sander) - Spatiebalk[ 2019 till now]
The Schuurmachine / Sander is an interactive installation developed in collaboration with Martin Jans and a group of students with support from the ZOZ fund. The installation aims to question and change people's attitudes towards conflicting opinions. The installation contains various parts in which the visitor is taken into a theme via video and audio. The space is being developed as a pilot and has the theme of name discrimination.


Sentence Hangers - Spacebar [September to December 2019]

Together with Marieke Herwijer I set up the 'Zinhangers' project for Spatiebalk. A way to give more attention to the technology in the Library of Deventer and to use 'the maker's square' in a playful way in a meaningful way. With the laser machine, the visitor could have a Zinhanger lasered with a favorite quote from a book or film. These were hung together with the visitor, around them there was of course room for meeting and conviviality.


The corridor of the corridor - New Sion Monastery [August 2019] Together with Bastiaan van den Berg van injehemd, we provided an art installation in Nieuw Sion Monastery. By means of a projection on a wall, the corridor became, as it were, twice as long. The installation challenged you to sit down in the middle of the hallway and allow you to reflect on the alienated image.


Magazine - Spatie [2018 - 2019] Together with Marieke Herweijer from Kunstgeloven and Martin Jans student pastor from Re:Link, we set up a magazine with a group of students and designed it around six desires. These desires respond to life questions of students and invite reflection, contemplation and inspiration.


Soulmate [2017 - present] An experiential space that is focused on contemplation and silence. Soulmate is rented out and is continuously developing.


Project supervisor chapel Youth Monastery [2018] Together with the youth monastery in Diepeveen, we are working on the process of a sculpture for the chapel, which will be executed by sculptor Tom Waterreus.


Project Pop-Up - ArtEZ Studium Generale (You are here) [2016] A large pop-up book commissioned by the ArtEZ Studium Generale 2016


Storybox - 'Thinking inside the box' An experience space where you can write on wooden panels with chalk paint. Publications: The atmosphere is very open, Storybox





Geheimenissen | Stadsfestival | Zwolle  - [2-3-4 september 2022] The interactive sculpture 'Geheimenissen' in front of museum 'de Fundatie' on the Blijmarkt in Zwolle during 'het Stadsfestival'. More than 100 visitors experienced the installation for the first time.


Soulmate at Deltion-college - [February, march 2022] Interactive research with students and teachers. Using the pilot-space as a tool to test in wich way moments of peace, silence and inspiration can be achieved at school. Working towards a concrete design for a space and / or place within the school.

Soulmate at the Alfa College in Hardenberg - [27 August to 27 November 2019] In collaboration with Spatiebalk we are working on a research project in which we inventory what a silence room like Soulmate can mean for the (MBO) student.


Soulmate at the Kloosterfestival 2019 - Nieuw Sion Diepenveen [22 to 25 August 2019] Soulmate was a guest at a great location in the middle of the woods near the former trapist monastery Sion. Together with the youth monastery and all kinds of religious, we had a great festival.


Soulmate in Theater De Meenthe - Steenwijk [1 - 3 October 2018] Soulmate was exhibited as an example for interactive pop-up meaning projects for broad education and pastoral care in higher education.


Soulmate at Rijkswaterstaat Utrecht - LEF Future Center [23 - 26 October 2018] Soulmate was at the LEF Future Center in Utrecht, this time he was exhibited as a reflection room during a brainstorming session.


Soulmate at Kattegat Festival - Zwolle [8 September 2018] Soulmate has been exhibited at two festivals; Graceland & Kattegat. Both in collaboration with Sanne van Grinsven Siltent Art.


Soulmate at Graceland - Zwolle [16-19 August 2018] Soulmate has been exhibited at two festivals; Graceland & Kattegat. Both in collaboration with Sanne van Grinsven Siltent Art Publications:  De Volkskrant


Soulmate at Windesheim - Zwolle [9 to 20 April 2018] Soulmate spent several weeks at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, where both student and teacher were challenged to enter the silence and reflection of Soulmate. This time with glow-in-the-dark design by Sanne van Grinsven. Publications: Windesheim newspaper, the Stentor, Refo. newspaper


Exhibition: Artists in the barracks - Zwolle [23 and 24 February 2018] Together with 12 artists, Sanne van Grinsven and I exhibited: Soulmate, our newest experience space. - Harmsmeengekade 13 (old fire station)


Art Walk, Municipal Museum Zwolle [15 December 2016] An atmospheric meeting in the Municipal Museum in Zwolle, where artists are given the opportunity to present their work and sell it to visitors.


Studium Generale 2016 : You stand here, Zwolle [10-11-2016] An annual event for every art student, teacher and creative person that this time took place in Zwolle, for which I made project Pop-Up. Publications: Project Pop-Up , About the origin of the Overworld


Exhibition: ArtEZ Finals 2016, de grote kerk, Zwolle [June 30 to July 10, 2016] An exhibition in the beautiful church in the center of Zwolle, as my graduation project I made the experience space: 'De Bovenwereld'.


Exhibition: Colometa, La Violeta in Barcelona [March 2 to March 31, 2016] An exhibition about the book of the same name Colometa, which is about the civil war in the beautiful city of Barcelona. For this I made a translated version of the book: Forgotten Man, Remained Beauty.


 Exhibition: Illusion - Kunstbende 2011 , 21st edition, Zwolle [27 February 2011] An annual competition for young creative talent, here I won the 2nd prize from Overijssel for the exhibition category with the work: 'Illusion City'. Publications: Lots of enthusiasm overijssel art gang


Other creative experience


Spatiebalk - initiator , creative-meaning projects [2019 to present]

Making a contribution to the inner and outer world of citizens from a connection with the city of Zwolle. Bringing back the importance of silence, reflection and meeting and making it accessible through creative projects. In collaboration with Marieke Herweijer from Kunstbeloven


Re:Link student chaplaincy for higher education [2016 to present] Organizing and setting up creative projects around meaning, tranquility and  philosophy of life


Project collaboration with artist : Sanne van Grinsven [October 2017 to Present]


concept artist -  Rekindle Sci-fi Movie - [January 2017 to December 2017]


Set construction, theater and performances - Puppet theatre: The poor pilgrim [2016 to present] support


Illustrator - Omega Magazine [2016 to 2019] & KN Nieuwsblad

Training and internship


Bachalor of Arts: ArtEZ - University of the Arts, Zwolle - Illustration design [2012-2016]


Internship - Re:link : student chaplaincy for higher education, Zwolle[2016 -2017] During my internship period, a collaboration was established with the student chaplaincy at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences  in Zwolle. Every now and then I work together with the current student pastor Martin Jans on meaningful encounters and philosophical projects.

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